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Members and Programs

Strath Haven Fencing is a fencing club mainly for boys and girls ages 11-14. Most members are from Strath Haven Middle School, our club HQ. We also have some members from Strath Haven High School and some in our Elementary Program from Swarthmore-Rutledge School. Instruction at our club is free. Fencers can bring their own equipment or use the club's supplies.

Practice occurs on Tuesday-Thursday from 2:30 to 5:00 with drills, bouts, and exercizes in the gym. Lessons are given by request.

Our club is only three years old, but already our members have qualified to many prestigious fencing events. These include the 1999 Summer Nationals in Charlotte, NC, the 2000 Junior Olympics in Sacramento, CA, and the 1999 NAC Tournament in Pittsburgh, PA.